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Philo-Art workshop with Les petites Lumières

For several years now,123 mon école has been looking for ways to offer philosophy workshops to children. Indeed, why propose philosophy only from the final year of high school, when children are already asking themselves existential questions of great complexity, from a very young age? This is the project of "Petites Lumières", led by its founder Chiara Pastorini, a practicing philosopher, animator and trainer in philosophy with children. Chiara Pastorini, with the help of a great team, proposes to...

Margaux Simonetti

Margaux Simonetti is a visual artist, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et du design de Nancy, and has been working as an artistic facilitator at 123 mon école for several years now, to the delight of the children! Painting is her favourite medium as an artist: "Paint is both a tool of representation and a sculptural material in its own right that I manipulate in my pieces. It makes its own representation and thus becomes the subject itself,...


A beautiful and soft all-cardboard album for a sensory immersion in the joys of winter. The pages tell of the joys and pleasures of winter in the form of poetry: the snow, the first flakes that we try to catch in our hands, footprints in the snow, the glitter of the snow, sledding, animals, the feeling of the cold on the face and hands, the snow that melts in the spring in the winter...

The Bezos Academy

"As we mark the first anniversary of our first Bezos Academy, we're excited to share the story behind that preschool. If you share our belief that all children deserve the great start an excellent preschool provides, we encourage you to join us in this work to nurture the potential in every child to become a creative leader, original thinker, and lifelong learner." Discover here the video that tells the story behind this preschool, which works according to the Montessori pedagogy. 

A Field Trip to the Jean Dubuffet Foundation

123 mon école organized a field trip to the Jean Dubuffet Foundation in Périgny-sur-Yerres. The Foundation was created by the artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) in 1973. The field trip was a joyful event after months without a single outing. The Foundation offers an immersive work that is highly accessible for children—go see it for yourself!

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Pre-enrollment contact form

Learn more about enrollment and our
Wednesday and vacation enrichment programs HERE 🙂